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Fic rec: Pray for Change

This is sweet and realistic and awesome. You should check it out!

Summary: Four years have passed since Faith first arrived in Sunnydale. It’s been three since she turned herself in to the police. Two since Buffy died. The last has been hell. But today Faith is finally coming home, and Buffy has been waiting for this moment for far too long. [Season 7, A/U]

Anonymous said: Faith and Buffy with their child at the park


Against expectations, Faith is strongly maternal when it comes down to it.

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Am I the good slayer now?


Buffyverse Appreciation ϟ Faith Lehane

When I was a kid, I used to beg my mom for a dog. Didn’t matter what kind, I just wanted, you know, something to love. A dog’s all I wanted. Well, that and toys. But Mom was so busy, you know, enjoying the drinking and passing out parts of life, that I never really got what I wanted.

best of: faith lehane

Deep down, you’ve always wanted Buffy to accept you - to love you, even.